Walmart 101


Print both the Walmart Corporate Coupon Policy, and the Walmart Ad Match Guarantee, and keep them in your Walmart folder, clutch, binder, or whatever you bring to Walmart in case you need them!

Walmart Matchup Sites

Keep in mind that these national matchup sites might promote a deal that is not available in your area. Walmart stores have regional pricing and regional roll backs. While a lot of times, we see the same deal in several locations, there will be times that your store will have a different price than listed in the matchup site. In addition to that, inventory is going to be different from store to store. Not ALL Walmart stores carry the same items.

Walmart Accepts Manufacturers Coupons

Walmart stores will accept coupons from your Sunday newspaper inserts as well as printable coupons you find online. In order to be in compliance with policy, coupons must read “manufacturer coupon” across the top, have an expiration date, and a scannable barcode. Printable coupons can be printed in black and white. If a printable coupon does not scan, the cashier has the right not to accept the coupon. Per their policy, Walmart will not accept printable coupons for FREE product that require no purchase. They will accept Buy One, Get One Free coupons though.

Walmart Accepts Catalina Coupons

Walmart will accept competitors’ Catalina coupons that are printed at their registers for dollars or cents off on a specific item. The Catalina coupon must have “Manufacturer Coupon” with specific item requirements printed on them, a valid remit address for the manufacturer, a valid expiration date, and a scannable bar code.

Most Walmart Stores Allow Overage

Walmart is one of the few stores whose policy is to give the customer overage (cash back or applied to the basket purchase) if the value of the coupon exceeds the item’s price.

Example of Overage:


While in this example it is only 3¢… those pennies add up and can be applied to some fruits or vegetables that you need to purchase without a coupon! We see overage in a wide range of values – sometimes we score deals with as much as a couple of dollars of overage per item!

Walmart Stores will Pricematch Competitors

Walmart will price match a current competitor’s ad price right at the register. Let your cashier know that you will be price matching before they ring an item up since the price will need to be entered manually. Walmart will price match from a competitor ad when there is a specific item and price listed. They will also price match a BOGO only if there is a specific price. (For example, Buy 1 at $4.00, Get 1 Free.) They will not price match for a “gimmick-style” sale, such as Spend $25, Save $5 Instantly; nor will they match a price based on a rain check.

Best part? You don’t even need the ad with you! The signs around the store state “No Ad, No Problem!”

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