Tips For Using the Coupon Database


Need an easy way to find the certain coupon you are looking for? Be sure to check out our Coupon Database! It is updated with all the latest printable coupons as well as every newspaper coupon, so you can find the coupon you are looking for without searching all over the Internet. I wish I had one of these when I started couponing a few years ago!

Here are some quick tips to help you quickly find just what you need.

1. First search on the product’s brand name.

Search on the word “Tide” or “General Mills” for the most inclusive search results

2. Try searching on the product category.
Are you in need of crackers, but do not care what kind… Search on “crackers” for your results.

3. Do not enter a number or the value of the value of the coupon in the search box.
This will give you very limited results or zero results.

4. The letter “R”
If you find a coupon in the results and you see a letter “R” behind it’s location, this means it is a “regional” coupon. Regional coupons are those that were not in every coupon inserts across our great nation. It’s worth checking your inserts though! You might have this little treasure!

Now that you armed with these helpful tips, try your hand at using the coupon database. It works great on computers and smart phones!

Be sure to bookmark our Coupon Database for easy access the next time you’re searching for a coupon.


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