Spicy BBQ Glazed Salmon Recipe


One of my favorite flavors in the summertime is that unmistakeable and delicious BBQ flavor! I could slather BBQ sauce on just about anything and it’d be amazing! What could make it even better? Just add some of that sweet heat to spice things up! My husband and I made this Spicy BBQ Glazed Salmon on the grill in just a few minutes, and it was SO good! I love that it was quick and easy to make, but it tasted like it marinated for hours and took lots of tender care to prepare! This would be a great dish for a BBQ get-together this summer!

I recommend using KC Masterpiece Original BBQ Sauce for this recipe. It’s thick and flavorful and has a hint of sweet to it, so it really blends well with the heat from the cayenne and crushed red pepper! If you choose to use a different brand or type of sauce, you may need to add some brown sugar to sweeten it up a little bit to get that good balance.Screen-Shot-2014-06-01-at-3.01.59-PM


1 Bell Pepper or 4-5 Sweet Peppers
3 Salmon portions (4-6 oz. each)
1/2 Red Onion
KC Masterpiece Original BBQ Sauce
Cayenne and Crushed Red Pepper to taste

To prepare:

In a small bowl, combine KC Masterpiece Original BBQ Sauce and spices until blended.

Brush BBQ sauce mixture on to salmon filets

Heat onions and peppers in pan on stove top over medium heat until soft and translucent – about 8 minutes

Cook salmon on medium high heat 4 minutes per side

Remove from heat and add extra BBQ sauce mixture on top to taste

Top salmon with onions and peppers and serveScreen-Shot-2014-06-01-at-3.02.46-PM