S’mores Guzzlers with TruMoo Limited Edition Chocolate Marshmallow Milk Recipe


My kids LOVE TruMoo Milk, usually their favorite is the chocolate milk, but they are always excited to try new flavors!! Right now through the month of February, TruMoo has the limited edition Chocolate Marshmallow milk and to celebrate, we made these delish S’mores Guzzlers and just had to share the recipe with you! These would be so much fun for a Valentine’s day party or treat! See the instructions below!

TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow milk is made with fresh white milk – sourced from regional dairies around the country – pure cocoa and just enough natural sugar to make it taste great. It’s nutritious and delicious! TruMoo, the nation’s leading ready-to-serve chocolate milk brand, contains no artificial growth hormones and no high fructose corn syrup! For all of these reasons, TruMoo is our favorite brand of chocolate milk!



TruMoo Limited Edition Chocolate Marshmallow Milk
Chocolate Syrup
Marshmallow Cream
Mini Marshmallows
Graham Cracker Crumbs


Start by dipping the rim of your glass(es) in the marshmallow cream.
Then, roll the marshmallow cream dipped edge in the graham cracker crumbs to coat.
Squirt the bottom of your glass with about a tablespoon of chocolate syrup.
Fill the glass halfway with TruMoo Limited Edition Chocolate Marshmallow Milk
Top with mini marshmallows and enjoy!