Saving BIG with Orlando Vacation Home Rentals


There are a lot of things that go in to consideration when you are planning your Orlando vacation – location, comfort, price…. and of course savings! I have a big family and we have experienced the big Orlando family vacation in a small hotel room and we’ve also experienced it in a vacation home rental. Let me tell you, after spending just 1 night in our vacation home rental, I knew right away that we would never hotel again.

Now we know saving money is important, but there are some other things that are important to save while planning/executing  your Orlando family vacation. Thankfully, with All Star Vacation Homes, you can save ALL of the following in the comfort of your very own home away from home:


Food Funds

Eating out at a restaurant or even grabbing drive-thru for every meal can really add up! You can save a lot on food funds when you pick up some groceries and plan to eat some meals that you can prepare yourself in your vacation home! We love to make a home-cooked breakfast each morning to get the whole family fueled up before a long day outside of the house. We are able to save money, eat a bit healthy, and not have to hunt down someplace to eat every single meal while we are on vacation.



When you stay in a vacation home instead of a hotel, you are saving on experiences! Not only do you get your own private pool, game room, and theater room, you don’t have to pay any extra to use these features! Plus, when you get to your vacation home, you will find some information there on how you can score extra discounts on your park passes if purchased through All Star Vacation Homes.

Luggage Fees

Pack light because there is a full size washer and dryer inside of your vacation home! There is no need to pack extra clothes for “just in case”, because you can wash your family’s laundry right there in your home while you are relaxing after a day at the parks! I also love that you can do the laundry before packing to go home, which means less work when you get home too!!


Backaches & Headaches

No more backaches from worn out hotel beds or pull-out couches. No more scrunching the whole family together in one room. No more headaches from everyone crammed together while you are trying to unwind after a long day of sightseeing or park-hopping. Save yourself the trouble of stressing out while you are on vacation and stretch out to relax and unwind in the private pool or hot tub, or by stretching out and watching a movie in your private theater room. Or just shut yourself in your own room and relax in the peace and quiet! All of these things are impossible to find when you rent a hotel room for your family vacation, but are included with every vacation home rental!



The most important thing to save while on your family vacation is your SANITY! Think of how much stress and worry you’ll save when you stay in your “home away from home” instead of a stuffy, crampy hotel room! Vacation is supposed to be stress-free!! Enjoy it!

Whether you’re planning a trip for family and friends, a business group or a sports team, discover the value, savings and flexibility of a vacation rental home or condo. Share time together in inviting gathering areas or relax in the privacy of separate bedrooms or suites.

All Star Vacation Homes destinations include: Orlando, San Diego, Captiva Island, and Sanibel Island

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