Realizing Your Coupon Savings


One of the hardest things in couponing is actually realizing your savings. It’s one thing to “say” how much you save, but it’s another to actually hold those savings in your hand! This happened to me when I first began couponing. I would tell my husband how much I saved and to him it wasn’t real… he needed to actually see it. Here’s what we came up with and it really worked and the money we saved was REAL!

  1. Figure out how much you spent on groceries, health & beauty, cleaning products, etc PRIOR to couponing, per month.
  2. If you can, take the entire amount out in cash the first week of the month (or just take it out weekly if it’s easier on your budget.)
  3. Shop with your coupons in week one. Whatever you have left from your budgeted amount for that week, put into a new savings account, piggy bank, or jar.
  4. You should also note that the money you did spend went farther than it typically would have also! You should have been able to start putting extras into your stockpile.
  5. Continue this each week for the month.
  6. At the end of the month, count the money you have saved.
  7. Every month as you get better with your savings, the amount your are putting away each week will be bigger.
  8. Your stockpile will also be growing at the same rate your savings account does!

You can put the money you save each month into a fund for a big purchase – perhaps something your family already needs like a new appliance, or maybe for a family vacation to somewhere you might not have been able to afford otherwise! You could  also just save for a rainy day or to cover your monthly expenses. The great thing about this is that no matter what you are saving for, your savings will be real and you don’t have to make any sacrifices to start realizing your savings!

Looking for a way to track your savings based off your grocery store receipts? Check out the Couponista Savings Tracker! It’s a Microsoft Excel based tool designed to track your shopping receipts on a monthly basis.
Note: The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet download require that you have Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer installed on to the device you are using. 

Download it for FREE here -> Couponista Savings Tracker

Do you have any other methods for realizing your coupon savings? Share them with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear what works for you!