Planning with Couponista – Downloads and Printables to organize your shopping trips!!

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Planning can be one of the hardest things to do when getting ready to coupon shop each week. We know from experience and thought – how we can we help? So we’ve designed some tools to  help you!

For the traditional types who like to write their shopping lists out by hand we have a Couponista Planning Worksheet just for you. This worksheet helps you figure out the prices and what coupons you are going to use and organizes it out into multiple transactions.

For those who are technology savvy and like to Excel spreadsheets, we’ve designed the Couponista Planning Spreadsheet that does the math for you! All the formulas have been built in to the “grey” colored cells. Just enter the items, price and what coupon you are using and let the spreadsheet do the hard part.

These worksheets are also ready for you to print out and use as your shopping lists each week! How cool will you look heading to the store with your new Couponista tools in hand?!?!