How to Save money on Baking Supplies

How to Save money on Baking Supplies Fall means the baking season is upon us. Baking can be a great way to save on everything from cookies for school lunches to gifts for the upcoming holiday season. For the most part, baking is not overly pricy, but there are ways you can save View Post

DIY on a Dime: Halloween Witch Legs Tutorial

Halloween Witch Legs Tutorial Here’s a way to add a little comedy to your Halloween décor this year. Passersby will do a double take and chuckle when they realized your house had a little run-in with a witch! Here’s what you will need: Sand (A 50 lb bag at Lowes is under View Post

Realizing Your Coupon Savings

One of the hardest things in couponing is actually realizing your savings. It’s one thing to “say” how much you save, but it’s another to actually hold those savings in your hand! This happened to me when I first began couponing. I would tell my husband how much I saved and to View Post

Delicious Strawberry Pretzel Torte Recipe

Delicious Strawberry Pretzel Torte Recipe I’m always making Jell-O in the summer! It’s cool and refreshing on a hot day and there are some many thing you can do with it! Here’s one of my favorite summer Jell-O recipes to try: Strawberry Pretzel Torte Ingredients 2 cups View Post

Recipes From the Stockpile: Cupcake Torches

Check out this fun recipe that Anne made with goodies she found in her stockpile!! In support of my son’s love Lego Ninjago I made him Cupcake Torches for his recent birthday treat! The treats were a hit and they were so simple to make from items I had in the pantry and View Post

DIY on a Dime: Olive Oil Bottle Kitchen Soap Dispenser

Make sure to PIN IT on Pinterest! I was at my sister-in-law’s house this weekend and just fell in love with her soap dispenser in her kitchen! I asked her where she got it and she told me she made it from an olive oil bottle and a pouring spout! She washed out her used bottle View Post