It’s time to #AddPizzazz to your life with Kia


The BIG GAME (or as my friend would call it, that sports show) is almost here, so you know I am SUPER excited about the party, the food, and the COMMERCIALS! Oh yeah, and the football. Seriously though, some of the most epic commercials come out of this one epic game each year, and while I may not totally pay attention during the game, I am always paying attention during the commercial breaks!

This year, Kia and Christopher Walken remind us to add pizzazz in to our daily life. Who wants to be a beige sock? I know I don’t. So, in order to add a little pizzazz in to my sometimes mundane daily routine, I scooped up the kids and brought work and homeschool to our local bounce house for the day!

There’s nothing like adding some color to your day. Some vibrance. Some pizzazz. I refuse to be a beige sock. But we won’t be doing our homeschool curriculum at the crazy bounce house place every day. I need to find other ways to add pizzazz to our life on a daily basis.


The 2016 Kia Optima is not your average mid-size sedan, which means it is perfect for your not-so-average family. Because average is boring.


A sleek fusion of bold style, heart-pounding performance, and advanced technology, the all-new 2016 Optima confidently pushes the boundaries of the midsize sedan, with plenty of attitude to spare.

Make sure to check out the new Kia spot during the Big Game on Sunday, and heed Christopher Walkens advice every day. #AddPizzazz