How to Take and Share Killer Haul Pics!


Call them Brag Photos, call them Haul Pics, call them whatever you like, but one thing every Couponista calls them is AWESOME! Not only are “haul pics” great for showing off the deals you scored, but they are inspiring for other couponers as well!!

Of the most interesting parts about couponing is the ritual of taking a picture of your groceries staged in a fancy arrangement. Here are some tips for getting that photo “just perfect.”

1. Be sure your photo is in focus. If fellow couponers can’t see what you’re proud of, they may ask you many questions!


2. Use your flash to enhance your photo. A very bright or really dark photo is not attractive.

flash (1)

3. Use cute children in your haul pics in moderation. They can distract your audience and you will only receive comments on just how cute said child is. (This goes for pets too… unless you couponed them too!)


4. Consider how you place and stage your items. Choose a format that showcases your purchases. Resist the temptation to build things with your groceries.


In all seriousness though, sharing pictures of your best savings is a great way to share your hard work. In most cases, only a Couponista really only understands the awesomeness of what you accomplished!

We would love to see brag photos and hauls on a regular basis. Please feel free to share your coupon accomplishments on our Facebook group page Clippin’ with Couponista!

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