DIY on a Dime: Halloween Witch Legs Tutorial


Halloween Witch Legs Tutorial

Here’s a way to add a little comedy to your Halloween décor this year. Passersby will do a double take and chuckle when they realized your house had a little run-in with a witch!


Here’s what you will need:

  • Sand (A 50 lb bag at Lowes is under $4.00)
  • 1 pair of tube socks
  • ‘Witch’ tights
  • String, yarn, or twine
  • Black shoes (You can pick these up for about $2.50 on a half off day at Goodwill)
  • Scissors
  • A cup or hand shovel
  • Tape


 Step 1:

Fill your tube socks with sand. Try to replicate the shape of a leg and distribute more sand at one end than the other. You will need the foot end of your leg to be much narrower than the calf portion.


Step 2:

Tie off the ends of each sock. Tie tightly so that sand cannot escape.


Step 3:

Using the narrower end of each foot, attempt to fit them in your shoes. Make note of where the ankle falls in the sock. It is ok if the sand accumulates in the bottom when you do this. Just lay it flat and redistribute again. This time, use tape to narrow down the sock where you noted the ankle should be. Gradually place the tape a little larger to give your leg the look of a calf.

Step 4:

Cut your tights down the middle to separate each leg.


Step 5:

Place each leg in the tights. Again, redistribute the sand as needed by manipulating with your hands. Tie knots at the end of your tights on each leg.

Step 6:

Put the witch shoes on, and lay your witch legs anywhere you’d like!

*If you happen to get a snag in your tights while the witch’s legs are displayed, hold on to the other components. The striped tights will be easy to find on clearance after the holiday when stores try to get rid of their remaining Halloween merchandise.