Couponista Pen Pals and Coupon Trains


Do you have family members or coupon friends in other cities or states? Start trading coupons via “snail mail!” Trading coupons in the mail can be fun way to add new coupons to your collection from different regions of the country. Since coupons vary from region to region, you just never know what you might find in Aunt Myrtle’s coupon inserts that you didn’t have in yours.

Start a collection of people and address that you know appreciate being showered in coupons. If you start the generosity, it would be long before the favor is returned!

If you are looking to find someone to be your Couponista Pen Pal, you can meet other Couponistas just like you on our Clippin’ with Couponista Facebook Group page!




Involve more than two people in your trading and set up a trading train… A coupon train happens when the first person sends an envelope filled with non-expired coupons to another person. When that person receives the “train”, they can take out coupons they will use and replace those with coupons with new ones they won’t use. The envelope is then put back in the mail and sent to the next address on the list.

Here’s an example:

Start your “train” with 50 coupons in an envelope – include the Coupon Train Printable, which includes the group “rules” and an address list. Send the “train” to the first person in the group. This person will then take out coupons they need and then replace them with the same amount of coupons and mail the train to the next person on the passenger list. (Example: if you take out 4, please replace with 4.) Once the train gets back to, you (The Conductor) it should be checked for expired coupons, restocked and sent down the “tracks” for another run.

Coupon Train Tips:

  • Include the FREE Coupon Train Printable to keep everything organized and on track!
  • Use a long #10 envelopes for mailing.
  • Try not to fold the coupons.
  • “Riders” should try to put the envelope back in the mail within 2 days.
  • Do not send internet printable coupons.
  • Choose coupons you feel most people can use… not just one you don’t want.
  • Decide if people can be added to your train by other riders upfront.

Are you considering starting a Coupon Train, but need “riders”? Start a conversation on our Clippin’ with Couponista Facebook Group page to find other Couponistas that might be willing to join the fun!