Contact Us – Schick – Request Coupons


One of the best ways to score high value coupons is to request them right from the manufacturer! I will be posting different suggested manufacturers to request coupons from on a regular basis. I suggest contacting at least one company per day. Pay them a compliment if you love their products! If you have had a problem with their products, let them know. Whichever way your experience with their products has gone, please just be sure to be honest.

You can contact Schick via their Online Contact Form.


My best tip would be to not just email to request the coupons. Give them your opinion of their products and let them decide if they want to send them to you without asking for them. Please be honest in your note to this company! Also, no need to write paragraphs – a few sentences should work nicely! Let us know if you receive any coupons!

See all of the companies you can write to -> Request Coupons – Contacting Companies for Coupons