Cake Batter Muddy Buddies Recipe


I have always been a HUGE fan of Chex Mix Muddy Buddies – or as my daughter calls them “Puppy Chow”. We usually make them for a fun snack at parties and for those rainy days when we need a good sweet pick me up. I do love to mix it up every now and then, especially for birthday parties. These Cake Batter Muddy Buddies are PERFECT for any themed birthday party as a tasty treat!! Plus they are easy to make! Here’s the recipe:

What you’ll need:

5 cups Chex cereal (I prefer the Rice Chex)
10 oz (5 squares) vanilla flavored Almond Bark
1 1/2 cups yellow cake mix
1/2 cup powdered sugarvegetable shortening, optional


Pour 5 cups of Chex Cereal into a (very) large bowl.
In a large bag, shake to combine cake mix and powdered sugar.
Melt Almond Bark according to the package directions, add vegetable shortening to thin if desired.
Pour Almond Bark over cereal, stirring and folding until the cereal is completely covered.
Stir in sprinkles.
Pour the Almond Bark covered cereal into the large bag containing the powdered mixture. Zip the bag and shake until all the cereal is coated with the powdered mixture.