Birthday Party on a Budget Part 3: Customize Your Own Pennant Hanging


This is a guest post done by Kate Sorensen at Coupon Cravings.

In part one of the Birthday Party on a Budget series we made our own party girl shirt, and in part two of Birthday Party on a Budget we discussed an item, diy dessert pedestals, that you can make, instead of purchasing in a big box retail store for a fraction of the price.

In Part three of Birthday Party on a Budget we will discuss how to make your own, personalized birthday pennant to hang at your party. This is a huge hit, and you can do it in any sort of theme or sequence you wish to make it your own! In this diy project the birthday pennant is made to show the birthday child progressively month by month.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 6 pieces of design scrapbooking paper (Michael’s app. $1.20)
  • 12 pieces of cardstock to match scrapbook paper (Michael’s app. $3.00 for 50 sheets)
  • hot glue gun (already had)
  • holepuncher (already had)
  • 12 feet of thin ribbon (Michael’s app. $1.00)
  • 12 pictures to use on pennant (Walgreens app. $1.20)
  • Designer Labels (Michaels: app. $2)
  • 12 inch x 3 inch pieces of tulle for horizontally placed pictures (optional)

First, gather your supplies.

Next, cut the largest piece of cardstock to make a 2 inch or so rim around the edges of the picture for each pennant flag. I had a “welcome” pennant flag and then, a flag for each month of my child’s first year. Next, cut out a rectangle from the scrapbooking paper leaving a 1 inch edge around the picture to be layered on top of the cardstock, yet under the picture. Looking down at your picture, the layers will be picture on top of scrapbooking paper on top of cardstock. Glue them on to each other in that order.

Lay out your pennant rectangle to assure the correct order.

If you decide to use tulle, at this time you will add tulle to the pennant rectangles. I used tulle because some pictures were best horizontal and some were best placed vertically. I wanted them each to be the same length so I added tulle to make up the difference. It’s easiest to cut your tulle after gluing it on to the back of the cardstock. Here’s how:

Next, you’ll want to make 2 hole punches near the edges of the cardstock leaving two holes for the ribbon to string through, making your pennant. Make sure to use the holepuncher to make them even and far enough from either edge that the cardstock will not tear when you are hanging your string of pennants.

Next, lay out your pennant pages side by side as they would be as a finished pennant hanging and loop the ribbon through each punched hole. It is easiest to pull the ribbon through all the way, about 12 feet, to get the first pennant page to the end.

Another tip is to make sure to leave enough ribbon on each end to hang it where you’d like to. It’s best to have extra and cut it off, than too little.

Next, attach your custom labels if desired, noting what each picture is. Use a small drop of hot glue from the hot glue gun to adhere it to the cardstock.

Your completed pennant is ready to hang!

This concludes part three of “Birthday Party on A Budget”. Make sure to stay tuned as next week we’ll be making yet another item to make your party a hit without spending much money out of pocket! Kate Sorensen of Coupon Cravings has been a devoted frugal shopper and diy gal for years. She enjoys making crafts using a coupon to purchase items that match her theme and making items that are one of a kind.