Birthday Party on a Budget Part 2: Create Your Own Dessert Pedestal


This is a guest post done by Kate Sorensen at CouponCravings.

In part two of Birthday Party on a Budget let’s talk about items that you might already have and/or are very easy and inexpensive to find to add that extra little touch to your party. These are things that you can add to any party, whether it be a boys birthday party, girls birthday party, or even a retirement party at that!

In part one of “Planning a Birthday Party on a Budget” we made the Birthday shirt for the party girl herself here. For part two, we are going to show you how to make your own pedestals for food/entertaining. You can purchase these ready made pedestals at big box retailers for anywhere from $15 to $25 a piece, but when shopping at thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army and making them yourself, these can cost as little as a total of $11.19 for 3, so just $3.71 a piece and a little time. All in all, this diy project takes about a half an hour to put together.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 9 plates, easiest to make them three sets of different sizes of plates, but not necessary (Salvation Army discounted to $3.99 for 12 piece set of china)
  • 6 wine glasses (Goodwill $0.79 each = $4.74)
  • E-6000 Glue – (Hobby Lobby $3.99 + 40% off coupon = $2.40)

Please note that the plates and glasses you plan on using for this do it yourself project should be items that you never need to use separately again. E-6000 Glue is permanent and the items will be glued together forever. You also can use any type of plate, china is not necessary. Use whatever patterns match with your kitchen if that is where you do the majority of your entertaining, that way you can use these for years to come!

Gather your items in a place they can also dry for 24-36 hours and is well ventilated. Make sure to wash all items prior to starting this project. Also, make sure all of the dishes have dried, since you’ll be permanently gluing them together with once open places now enclosed.

  • Rim the bottom of one wine glass with E-6000. Be very careful to not squeeze the glue too hard as it will continue to come out of the tube in a stream and follow the directions on the E-6000 by waiting a couple minutes for it to adhere to the glass.
  • Place the bottom rim of the wine glass in the center of the largest plate (to be the bottom tier of your pedestal).
  • Repeat directions for the second largest plate.
  • Next, line the rim of the top of the bottom tiered wine glass with the E-6000 glue.
  • Place the second largest plate on top of the bottom wine glass, forming a second tier of the pedestal.
  • Rim the middle wine glass rim with E-6000 glue and place the smallest plate on top, forming the third tier of your pedestal.

You could continue doing this until you have achieved your desired number of tiers, you would need more supplies, but should have plenty of glue.

The E-6000 directions recommend letting the glue dry for 24-36 hours. Most drops that you see from the glue on the plates or wine glasses will dry completely clear.

This concludes part 2 of “Birthday Party on A Budget”, make sure to stay tuned as next week we’ll be making yet another item to make your party a hit without spending much money out of pocket!

Kate Sorensen of CouponCravings has been a devoted frugal shopper and diy gal for years. She enjoys making crafts using a coupon and shopping at thrift stores for hidden treasures that can be used over and over again at a fraction of the cost it would be to purchase them outright.