Mophie Juice Pack Plus on the Red Carpet – Review #DisneyOzEvent

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When I was invited to L.A. for Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful red carpet movie premiere, one of the first things that I thought about – after the initial SQUEEE and excitement – was how I am going to make my iPhone battery last through all of the activities we had planned! There would be no time to head back to the hotel and plug in to recharge during the day and I was going to need to be tweeting, snapping pictures, recording interviews, and checking in on my Facebook page – not to mention calling home to check on my fam and make sure all is well at home. Normally, when I leave home for anything, my iPhone battery never makes it through the day without hitting red on the battery bar. I just couldn’t risk it. I needed to find some kind of a solution.

After scoping out my options, I found that the device with the most positive feedback, both online and from friends, was the Mophie. I didn’t really want something “extra” in my bag, I was trying to just carry a small handbag and wanted to keep it light. The Mophie Juice Pack Plus was the perfect fit for the bill – it doubles as a protective phone case! I slipped it on my phone and it was ready for whenever I needed it – I just needed to flip the power switch to activate the charging capabilities.

  • Rechargeable smart battery concealed inside of a light-weight, soft-touch, 2-tone matellic case; made for iPhone 4 & 4S
  • Adds up to 8 hours of talk time (up to 16 on 2G) and 7 hours of Web browsing on 3G (up to 11 on Wi-Fi) to your iPhone
  • Integrated LED status indicator on the bottom tells you exactly how much juice is left at the push of a button
  • Charge and sync your iPhone to iTunes without removing it from the juice pack air by using the included USB cable

The first day was mostly travel to get from Wisconsin to California. By the time I made it to my layover, my battery was almost dead from playing games on the plane. Once my battery signaled it only had 10% remaining, I switched on the charger and I was able to continue to use my phone while it charged! The Mophie literally DOUBLED the battery power of my iPhone! It was such a life saver while I was in L.A., and continues to be all of the time because I never leave home without it!

There's me and my Mophie right behind Michelle Williams!!

Imagine, walking the red carpet with stars like James Franco, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, and many more… getting ready to snap the perfect picture but when you go to turn on your camera, your iPhone battery dies! Or how about interviewing these stars?! Sitting in the interview with director Sam Raimi and having your voice recorder on the iPhone ready to record, but 1/4 through the interview the phone dies and the rest of the conversation goes unrecorded! What about being out of town away from your family and it’s close to bed time. You need to call your children to say goodnight, tell them you miss them and love them. They’ve been waiting all day to hear from you. When you go to dial home, your phone battery is dead and there’s no outlet in sight for at least another hour… they’ll be sleeping by then!

I am so thankful for the Mophie Juice Pack Plus, because I didn’t have to worry for one second about any of those scenarios. My phone was juiced up and ready to go the entire whirlwind weekend!!

Need even more battery power for your iPhone 4? The Mophie Juice Pack plus has our largest Juice Pack battery which extends the battery life of your iPhone for hours! The Juice Pack plus also provides a comfortable ergonomic design with the complete protection of a dual-injected hard shell case with protective rubberized band. Since it is designed to more than double the time you have to Rock, Talk, Surf and Send with your iPhone 4, the Mophie Juice Pack plus is the ultimate iPhone 4 battery case for travel or business.

Mophie isn’t just for the iPhone 4S – you can find a wide assortment of chargers for all kinds of devices like iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and 4S, iPad, iPhone 3G and 3GS, Smartphones, and iPod Touch. Check out the Mophie site for more details!

You can learn more about Mophie and order your own from Amazon! There are several colors available! Scroll through the different colors and see the price for each!

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*I was provided with a Mophie Juice Pack Plus in order to facilitate my review. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.*


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