Bayer Advanced Aspirin Fast Relief Challenge – 100,000 Free Bottles!

This deal has ended.
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Take the Bayer Advanced Aspirin Fast Relief Challenge! Bayer HealthCare is giving away 100,000 FREE bottles so you can test it on your tough pain. Then tell us what you think.

100,000 free bottles while supplies last between April 16-25, 2012 (10,000 bottles per day).

Grab yours here -> Bayer Advanced Aspirin Fast Relief Challenge

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  1. Mary Niver says

    I have tried everyday for a free bottle of Bayer and have not been able to get one this is a rip off you dont have any to give away.

  2. Zipper666 says

    Not a rip off but they wan’t all your details before you get anything “free” so expect to be bombarded with mailings afterwards.
    The Bayer FREE offer no longer exists, only a $2 off coupon – so don’t bother clicking on the link to Bayer.

    • says

      This was only available for the first 100,000. Since this offer was in April, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s all gone by now. Sorry you didn’t make it in time for this one but keep an eye on the current posts for more great freebies :)

  3. says

    The Free Bayer Aspirin Ad is a junk ad ,i have never used this Aspirin,now i know i will never use it. The truth is it probally does not work. Way to go Bayer Aspirin,not going to be a big hit

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